Error: maxFileSize exceeded, received 10551117 bytes of field data (max is 10485760)

When you try to upload file bigger that 20MB and if you get the error message “maxFileSize exceeded” then increase the maxFileSize on datasources.json file. “filestorage”: { “name”: “filestorage”, “connector”: “loopback-component-storage”, “provider”: “amazon”, “key”: “Your aws s3 api key”, “keyId”: “Your aws s3 keyId”, “maxFileSize”: “52428800” }

Change the UUID of a Virtual Box .vdi file

To change the UUID of a .vdi file run the following command: VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid “full path of your .vdi file” If you need to change the UUID to a specific UUID then add the UUID at the end : VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid “/Users/muktadiur/centos.vdi” “fffd5d63-ac8c-411b-acc8-1d960077fc4e “

Git : Some usefull commands

1. To view all update history of a file git log –follow -p — 2.Different between working file and last commit file git diff 3. Discard all current working update git checkout . 4. Discard the all the update on git checkout 5. Create a new branch from current branch and […]